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Your digital-privacy and cyber security experts...

Pelion Consulting is an independent cyber security company that serves the maritime, aviation and commercial sectors. Cyber crime is a major concern for individuals, businesses, and governments around the world. It is important for people and organizations to take steps to protect themselves and their sensitive information from cyber attacks.

We help you understand the cyber risks your business faces, where the vulnerabilities are, whether human or system, and provide cost effective solutions. Often times the basics are all that's required to make a big difference in your cyber defense strategy.

Maritime Cyber Security

As maritime cyber security threats continue to plague the industry we understand how important digital security is not only to the safe operations of the vessel and data privacy for individual’s but also to further the skills of your team - since 2020 cyber attacks in the maritime industry have increased 600%.

Human Element

Threats are evolving daily and don't only affect yachts or vessels or businesses directly. We as humans are the weak link. The proceeds from cyber crime is costing economies billions of dollars. It's not only imperative to secure ones data privacy, but also to further the skills of your team

Supply Chain

We are committed to working closely with the whole supply chain and commercial sectors. All businesses are susceptible, with the knock on effect potentially hitting critical infrastructure if all businesses are not taking cyber security seriously

Did you know?

"F-35 fighter jets face greater threats from cyber-attacks than from enemy missiles

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Odessa's Lighthouse

IMO Regulations
Are you compliant?

From 1st January 2021 an IMO mandate on cyber risk manaagement is to be be enforced. All vessels over 500GT will need to demonstate they've taken this into account.

“The cyber assessment carried out onboard has raised the crew awareness so we are better prepared to deal with the risks presented to owners and guests”

Chief Engineer Andy, MY 65m

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