Initial Consultation

Where are you now:

At Pelion Consulting, YOUR PERSONAL PRIVACY is OUR TOP PRIORITY. An initial consultation will establish a clear understanding of the cyber risks pertinent to you when at sea or when berthed. These risks may be presented in ways that may not normally occur to you:

  • Are your guests protected from internal and external threats?
  • Are you protectºed from what may be brought on board by guests, crew and 3rd party visitors?
  • Does your internet access also present an access point for attack?
  • What is your cyber risk attitude, understanding and awareness?
  • What are your immediate concerns?

Our core aim is to educate, inform and ensure that yacht owners, guests and crew are safe from cyber-attacks and that the privacy of owners and guests are protected against the growing threat of cyber-crime, data theft, malware, ransomware, blackmail and more.


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