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Initial Consultation

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At Pelion Consulting, YOUR PERSONAL PRIVACY is OUR TOP PRIORITY. An initial consultation will establish a clear understanding of the cyber risks pertinent to you and your business or onboard your yacht. These risks may be presented in ways that may not normally occur to you.

Ask yourself:

  • Are your staff, owners & guests protected from internal and external threats?

  • Are you protected from what may be brought onto internal networks by guests, staff and 3rd party visitors?

  • Does your internet access also present an access point for attack?

  • What is your cyber risk attitude, understanding and awareness?

  • What are your immediate concerns?

  • Do you suffer from drone incursions?

"There are 2,244 cyberattacks per day, and 164 cybercrimes reported every day"

Our core aim is to understand, educate, inform and ensure that business owners, yacht owners, shipyard owners, are safe from cyber-attacks and that the privacy of owners and their buisness interests are protected against the growing threat of cyber-crime, data theft, malware, ransomware, blackmail and more.

What are the outcomes you'd like to see ?

With an understanding of the required outcomes, be they centred on improved security on board to satisfy regulatory matters or for the insurance companies who are taking more of an interest, we will tailor a solution to fit the vessel and it's crew. Despite the regulatory hurdles or insurance requirements the end goal should be to protect the owner and guests, as they are the likely target for cyber criminals.

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