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Training & Awareness

Keeping you informed:

Throughout any client engagement there is the need to communicate fully what is going on in order to share knowledge. Having key crew members involved so they fully understand the process of developing a cyber aware mindset. Essential training sessions spent with crew and relevant staff to update them on the latest trends in cyber-attacks including Phishing / Social engineering / Internet of Things applicable to the super yacht industry, along with creating a cyber aware culture onboard.

  • In partnership with Warsash Maritime Academy, we have helped develop a Cyber Security Officer (CySO) course specifically for the yacht sector:

Cyber Security Officer Course – instructor led, in-person (remote or face-to-face), about 3 hours, discussion based, exam, certificate, and CPD points. Pr-requisite is the Basic Maritime Cyber Hygiene Course. The CySO course introduces the key principles of maritime cyber security and best practice as defined by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and NCSC (GCHQ), preparing nominated Cyber Security Officers and other key personnel to take on the relevant responsibilities. Course designed for up to 6 senior crew members

Basic Maritime Cyber Hygiene Course – on demand, online, takes about an hour, fully interactive, exam, certificate and CPD points. This is aimed at all crew members from junior to senior.

By the end of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities which exist, the types of threats the industry faces, and what they need to do to protect themselves and their vessels.

Knowing is half the battle

Working with organisations involved with education in the maritime industry we can offer the best for crew, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to avoid being a victim of cyber crime ultimately to protecting the vessel, it's owner and guests.

Ensuring crew, employees and contractors from across the industry understand critical controls for preventing, managing and responding to safety/security events - on shore and on board.

SOPs and Procedures

We assist in defining security-related procedures, configurations and documentation that match the level of security & functionality required to protect the vessel systems, owners and guests.

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