Counter Surveilance Bug Sweep

Know your not being listened to

If you have suspicions that surveillance equiment is being used to invade your privacy. Counter surveillance devices are basically bug detectors which aim to uncover transmitting signals and electronic eavesdropping within your yacht, workplace or any other setting, at the highest level of security.

Listening Devices

Using professional state of the art counter surveillance equipment and technology, our trained counter surveillance experts can perform bug sweeps and remove all types of listening, video and data spying devices.

  • Scanning for video devices
  • Scanning WIFI networks to look for unauthorised or rogue IP cameras and data collection devices
  • Scanning of telephones and networks

An eavesdropping bugging device is often very small and can be an everyday unassuming product. These devices can be planted in many different areas, including electrical sockets, lighting, electrical eqipment, cables and connectors, vents, wall floor and ceiling cavities, electrical wiring, phone systems, small desk or shelf items, computer systems, wireless networks (WiFi). All environments found onboard yachts - and also inside vehicles.

We provide a discreet and professional service which can be provided at short notice, depending on location. We work closely with our clients, ensuring their specific needs are met.

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Counter Surveilance


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