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24/7 Security Operations

Peace of mind, all the time

Our dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) team provide 365x24x7 monitoring of traffic patterns to detect analyse and respond to cyber security incidents using a combination of technology solutions.

Detect Cyber Threats in Real-time

Cyber threats are constantly evolving with cyber criminals finding ever more creative ways to infiltrate your networks and devices. Our SOC solution has been developed to constantly monitor and protect your onboard networks, from the the mundane IT (Information Technology) equipment through to the vessel critical infrastructure and systems that provide control functions, OT (Operational Technology).

Improve your Security Posture

To take the security posture of your yacht or vessel to the next level and invest in peace-of-mind by having our experts, who are trained to the highest level and able to stop cyber attacks in their tracks, on hand 24/7 ensuring you are safe from cyber attack when on board your yacht.

  • Firewall Monitoring

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Event Investigation

The cost invested in putting this solution in place will be rewarded by minimising your chances of being attacked, which is a cost that can't be quantified until it's unfortunately happened.

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