Smart Buildings & Stadiums

What’s in a Smart Building or Stadium?

The technology embedded in a Building or Stadium is essentially what makes it Smart. With many smart buildings comes the Smart City. This technology includes Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud-based systems where analytics of the data creates an intelligent environment. All the information gathering, sharing and analytics impacts the way buildings are run and has massive advantages on energy consumption, user interactivity, use of space and comfort, regulations and cost.

Massive opportunities come from Smart buildings however, there are also risks. Amongst these risk are cyber security vulnerabilities which can unwittingly be introduced into the environment when new technologies are deployed without consideration of the implications if not protected from hackers and malware.

The building control systems (Operational Technology, or OT) will be dependent on the local area network (Information Technology, or IT) which will be dependent on the Internet connection to the building.


Minimise Cyber Risks

Pelion Consulting has a pedigree of cyber security experienced with a strong background in various fields including cyber security engineering and architecture, IOT and hacking and practice, cloud security, threat hunting and training.

By implementing controls for critical systems, both OT and IT, you are safeguarding your vessel and people from the latest threats. We take the headache out of the process, working with your operations teams to ensure the desired end result.

Our specialists at Pelion Consulting can talk you through a structured process for evaluating the current risk profile and work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy which assists in minimising the risk.


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