Understanding your risk:

At Pelion Consulting, YOUR PERSONSAL PRIVACY is OUR TOP PRIORITY. An initial consultation will establish a clear understanding of the cyber risks pertinent to you when at sea or when berthed. These risks may be presented in ways that may not normally occur to you:

Are your guests protected from internal and external threats?

Are you protected from what may be brought on board by guests, crew and 3rd party visitors?

Does your internet access also present an access point for attack?

What is your cyber risk attitude, understanding and awareness? What are your immediate concerns?

All of the information gathered is analysed and a full report on your personal cyber prevention will be delivered for your consideration.

Onboard Skills & Procedures:

Working with the yacht crew and management teams, we define security-related procedures, configurations and documentation that match the level of security & functionality required to protect your personal and business privacy.

Active Traffic Monitoring:

There will be ongoing 24/7 support provided by our Security Operations Center.

Pelion Consulting will provide continual monitoring and threat detection of your communications infrastructure.

Upgrade and downgrade the monitoring at short notice depending if the owner is onboard or you have charter visits planned. There is no need to be at full alert with a skeleton crew during the winter period.

Lifecycle Management:

Pelion Consulting will provide continual visits and compliance checks liasing with vessel crew and management teams.

Outcome: The vessel systems will be benchmarked with ongoing updates to vessel and crew to ensure the security posture is up to date and relevant based on emerging and existing threats


Onboard Review:

There will be an onboard visit consisting of 1 to 3 days depending on the size and complexity of the vessel. The existing network infrastructure, access methods, protocols and staff skillset are reviewed.

Outcome: The end-result is a rating for all key security & functional aspects compiled into a brief report enabling you to understand your Cyber risk.

Onboard Full Penetration Test & Report:

Our specialists will discuss and develop a full penetration testing plan and a defined formal scope of works in coordination with vessel teams.

This is where systems, software and procedures can be stress tested to identify any potential weaknesses. Web-based applications, networks and other computer systems including IoT can be test along with physical security assessments of servers onboard networks and vessel systems.

Outcome: You will receive a report detailing any weaknesses our team discovers, where they could be exploited and present the realistic risk they present.

We always ensure that you remain in full control of all your data.


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Cyber crime is happening now, be prepared, don't be a victim!