Risk Assessment

Understanding your risk:

Identifying, analysing and evaluating risk, by understanding how systems and information is managed and controlled between different IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) interfaces we can work out the Likelihood vs Risk of various situations and scenarios.

Asset Register

By assessing the risk exposure before and after using this methodology cyber-attacks can be reduced with appropriate protection measures and controls.

Reasonable Risk

Information assets, such as networks, hardware, systems, vessel data, passwords to critical vessel infrastructure, operational technology are identified and controls implemented to protect those assets. All this should be tracked an documented to understand what devices and systems onboard could present threats to the other systems onboard or the owner and guests. "Everything connected to the network, even if it's not."

For assistance with implmenting a full asset register, tracking everything on the network and fully understanding the risks associated with with each item contact us.

Risk Assessment


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