Protecting your privacy to safeguard your future

Pelion Consulting is a cyber security company founded on 3 core values. These values are inherent to our DNA and we will never compromise them. They are, in no particular order:

1. Everyone’s right to privacy;

2. Everyone’s right to anonymity;

3. and Everyone’s right not to be tracked.

Incorporating these fundamental principles into our cyber security practices and services enables us to offer you peace of mind regarding the privacy of your data. This is a policy that we will not renege on.

Are you aware of the digital footprint
you leave in your daily activities?

Pelion Consulting is committed to making sure that your data is protected from cyber attacks. Using the latest software and technology we are able to defeat and protect against all the latest surveillance tools, online attack tools and malware. We also consider it our mission to ensure that you do not leave behind a digital footprint that can be exploited by unscrupulous criminals looking for easy pickings.


These days, with the exponential increase in the use and storage of electronic data, cyber security and online privacy have gained relevance and importance barely conceivable just a few decades ago. Despite offering multiple benefits, such as ease of access and storage, not to mention the myriad of ways in which technology has transformed our daily lives and emancipated us from mundane tasks, it has also made it much easier for criminals to access and steal our information.

Pelion Consulting is proud to inform you that we believe that YOUR privacy matters. We are also pleased to state that we are one of the few cyber security companies in the world that doesn’t harvest your data, install cookies on your devices or place any trackers of any kind. We wholeheartedly refuse to engage in such practices as we believe they would contravene our values, which are based on everyone’s fundamental right to privacy.

"All humans have three lives; Public, Private and Secret"
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez


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