Protecting your privacy, protecting your future

Cyber security and online privacy are becoming increasingly important especially with the rise of the 'digital generation' and the myriad of devices that now connect to the Internet. Understanding of the current state of security in cyber space and the capabilities of modern surveillance tools, the structure of the underground economy, attack tools and malware is becoming increasingly difficult and complicated.

Are you aware of the digital footprint you leave in your daily activities?

Pelion Consulting values everybodies privacy, that's why you won't find out about us through search engines or marketing campaigns. You won't find our people blogging about what we offer here or shouting about the good work that we do. We are a low key organisation keeping our activities with our clients private.


Most websites you visit, will place files called cookies and/or trackers on your device so they can know who you are and track your activity. They use Google Analytics to track your habits, know what devices you use and how you switch between them. Pelion Consulting will not place cookies, trackers or anything else on your systems just by browsing our site.

"All humans have three lives; Public, Private and Secret" - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We never hold your information beyond that which is needed for an engagement and at the end of that engagement all materials and information are handed over to our clients and removed from our systems. If we don't have your information, it can't be stolen from us.


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