Penetration Testing

Doing what a hacker would do:

An onboard visit will be conducted depending on the size and complexity of the vessel. The existing network infrastructure, access methods, protocols and staff skillset are reviewed. The outcomes of the penetration test or cyber security assessment feedback into the risk assessment and asset register.

The end-result is a rating for all key security & functional aspects compiled into a brief report enabling you to further understand your Cyber risk.

In coordination with vessel teams, our specialists will discuss and develop a full penetration testing plan based on a defined formal scope of works.

"Stress Testing"

This is where systems, software and procedures can be stress tested to identify any potential vulnerabilities. Web-based applications, networks and other computer systems including IoT can be tested along with physical security assessments of servers onboard networks and vessel systems.

Outcome: You will receive a report detailing any weaknesses our team discovers, where they could be exploited and present the realistic risk they present.

Where issues are identified, we will continue to work with you and the vendors involved to ensure vulnerabilites are patched and improvements made.

We always ensure that you remain in full control of all your data.

Penetration Testing


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