Incident Recovery

Minimising the Impact

Are you ready to stop a cyber-attack before it becomes a crisis?

One of the most critical elements to a cyber security aware yacht or commercial vessel is planning for the worst case scenario and how to minimise the impact of a cyber attack or breach to ensure operations resume as efficiently as possible.

This can be achieved by putting an Incident Response Plan in place and ensuring it's followed and up to date. This could mean the difference between paying a ransomware payment to criminals or restoring systems safely and efficiently.

Assistance in responding and recovering from cyber security incidents in OT and IT infrastructure. Creation of a team to carry out the response and recovery, Initial Assessment, Recover systems and data, Incident investigation, Prevent a re-occurrence.

Simple procedures put in place and carried out as part of cyber aware culture on board could mean the difference between paying criminals or bringing the yacht or vessel back to normal operations in a controlled manner.


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