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Anti-Drone Technology

The Threat from Above:

Drone technology has greatly advanced, allowing for smaller, longer lasting and higher resolution videos at a fraction of the earlier costs. They are providing innovative solutions for a number of modern day problems as well as footage of exotic locations and yachts underway for marketing purposes.

Nefarious Purposes

On the flip side, drones are also being used to invade privacy. Guests on board yachts are often high profile or celebrities and drones can be used to intercept the airspace around a yacht and take pictures or record video. Drones can even carry payloads, whatever that might be, and then there’s the risk of a drone crashing on or near the yacht and causing damage.

The superyacht fraternity are waking up to the growing threat that drones pose to privacy, safety and security on-board their yachts. Your care of duty is to protect your yacht(s) from all threats and keep all on-board private, safe & secure. It’s a difficult task as new threats continue to emerge.

Detect & Defend

Drones operate on particular frequencies so this is one way they can be detected, but typically it requires a multi-layered approached, a combination of radio frequency detection, radar, acoustic and optic sensors. We’ve probably all encountered a drone flying above us or nearby and noticed their distinctive sound and there are devices that can listen out for it.


As every yacht is different and the concerns of the owner change, we will consult with you and understand the concerns of the yacht and what the required outcome is. Then, working with our partners we will tailor and suggest the best solution based on those requirements.

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